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The Big Three Invaders of Your Virtual Space: Virus, Spyware, and Malware

Virus, Spyware, and Malware. The words spark fear in the hearts of computer users everywhere. That’s because (aside from sounding so ominous) these types of programs can wreak havoc on your computer and your PC experience. We see a lot of these problems at H Power Computing – they are among the most common reasons […]

Brand Name vs. Generic PC Components

At H Power Computing, we use computer components that are manufactured by major brands you can recognize. While it would be more cost-effective to purchase generic components and make a bigger profit margin, we believe that the quality of the service we provide is more important. Many computer repair companies use generic components entirely, charging […]

What Every Gamer Should Know about Custom PCs

When it comes to building a computer that is made for hard-core gaming, there are some foundational rules that must apply. At H Power Computing, we know that you will be using your computer for long hours and that it needs to be fast enough to handle even the most intense graphic scenarios. That’s why […]

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