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Archive for February, 2013

Understanding DVR Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are an important investment when it comes to protecting your property and goods. That’s why H Power Computing offers top-of-the-line equipment, software, and expert advice on home and business surveillance technology. Surveillance systems are used by homeowners, company owners, and even government agencies to monitor security and store photographic evidence when crimes are […]

Choosing a Custom Built Business Server

Business servers are an important part of a fluid network in which all areas of the business can interconnect both locally and virtually, when required. The problem with out-of-the-box servers is that they often lack the exact components and capabilities required by the business. At H Power Computing, we specialize in custom built PCs and […]

What is Remote PC Repair?

Remote PC Repair

Remote PC repair from H Power Computing can save you a lot of time and money when it comes to solving some of the most frustrating computer problems. Instead of disassembling your setup and bringing your PC to the shop, we may be able to make repairs to your system through remote access. When using […]