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Archive for June, 2013

The Pros and Cons: Kids With Computers

It is amazing to observe the competency very young children can develop with computers. Setting your child up with their own personal computer is a step towards enabling their computer literacy, which seems almost inevitable in our society. Although many parents and educators agree that being tech-savvy from an early age can better prepare kids […]


Disk Imaging: What is it and Why You Want It

A failed hard drive puts the breaks on accessing your programs and files. This can cost you in time and money to reinstall, reorganize and reconfigure – and can mean your business sales may suffer if the problem is not resolved quickly. Disk imaging is the solution to this inconvenience, and can get things back […]

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Transparency: The Buzz Word for Your Online Business Identity

A significant amount of time and money is devoted within most successful companies to developing a business identity. Customers are marketed to through thoughts and emotions that companies emote hoping to appeal to their consumers based on values and beliefs – in addition to quality products and services. Traditional media has been effective at a […]

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