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Archive for July, 2013

Top Reasons for POS System Implementation for Your Business

Point of Sale (POS) systems, like all other aspects of technology have advanced to meet the demands of consumers. Today‚Äôs POS systems are now available with cloud computing capability, allowing management of data to be accessed remotely through internet connection or even mobile devices. Having a POS system that is specifically designed to meet your […]

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Network Attached Storage Systems: A Business Solution for Retaining Your Customer Base

The speed at which a company representative can access information can have a significant affect on consumers perception of a business. The time taken to retrieve and review necessary information may be minutes – or even seconds as customers wait for answers to their queries, and formulate opinions about your service levels. Aside from employees […]


Custom Built Computers: Gaining the Advantage Over Pre-Built

Naturally, as we have made it our business to build custom computers, along with providing PC repair and support, our recommendation would be to steer clear of big box, national brand companies and online pre-built computer and server purchases. There are many reasons why we opted to begin, and why we continue within this industry. […]

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