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We Could Restore Files Lost in Hard Drive Crashes

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Hawaii’s #1 Clean Room Data Recovery Professionals in Honolulu

A computer crash or important files being deleted may seem like the end of the world, but H Power Computing computer repair service in Honolulu is the leading data recovery center in Hawaii, and may be able to retrieve the data you thought you lost. We have the only Clean Room Data Recovery Center in Hawaii.

Knowing the Signs of Hard Drive Failure

If you have a limited knowledge of computer repair, it can be difficult to know when your hard drive is failing. If your computer is running slow, files and folders are opening slowly or if your computer won’t boot up, your hard drive may be failing. If you hear clicking or humming noises coming from your PC, a crash is just a matter of time. Other telltale signs include random computer freezing, lock downs, or reboots during regular use.

In the event you notice any of these signs, shut down your computer immediately and give us a call. However, if your computer crashes before you’re able to do an at-home diagnosis, don’t worry. Our expert technicians will put their all into recovering any files that were lost in the process.

Hard Drive and Clean Room Data Recovery

H Power Computing does data recovery for all types of media, including: desktop and laptop hard disk drives and solid state drives, external hard drives, camera memory cards, smartphones, and more. If we are able to recover your data, we can transfer the files we retrieve, including family photos and videos, to an external storage device that can be used on a new hard drive or computer. For extreme cases, we have the only data recovery clean room in Hawaii, where we will disassemble and reassemble a malfunctioning drive in attempts to access the data. When a hard drive is opened up, there cannot be even a single particle of dust in the room, or the hard drive will be damaged. The clean room is entirely free of contaminants and static, so we can safely remove the platters which contains your data from the bad hard drive and transplant them into a new one, to attempt to get around any defects in the hardware or physical damage. There are still times when we are unable to retrieve files because the hard drive is too badly damaged, and in such cases we will not charge you for our services.

Additionally, there are times when your hard drive may be in perfect working order, but you have accidentally deleted files. And you didn’t just stop there — you emptied your computer’s recycle bin too. Our data recovery services extend to deleted files also. We can look into your system and try to recover those files, photos and videos that you thought were gone forever.


Our typical turnaround for data recovery is three to ten business days. However, we do offer a Rush Service Data Recovery that will place your data recovery case ahead of other waiting clients. This charge does not guarantee recovery, only that the data recovery efforts will be started immediately. This is perfect for the business professional whose computer crashed the week before a big presentation. Regardless of the time it takes, we will keep you updated on the progress of your data recovery.

At H Power Computing, our data recovery experts in Honolulu pride ourselves on our computer repair services. We love being able to help individuals and small businesses get back priceless files and critical information after a computer crash or data loss.  We are the most advanced data recovery center in Hawaii, and our expertise makes us the best option for recovery.

In-House Services

** Levels of Recovery **

Level One:

Task Conducted: Drive is scanned sector-by-sector and read errors are repaired. Attempts are made to “mount” the drive to be usable by either Windows/Mac OS.
Issues Addressed: If there are issues when the Operating System attempts to mount the connected drive, Windows or Mac OS will opt to not use the drive, leading to the drive appearing unrecognized.

Level Two:

Task Conducted: Drive is placed into specialized Linux system for forensic data recovery to bypass Windows/Mac OS read errors.
Issues Addressed: Windows or Mac OS may not recognize the drive due to issues relating to the file structure of the drive. Our software bypasses traditional file system structure requirements to recover the data.

Level Three:

Task Conducted: Drive is placed into a specialized data recovery system designed to ignore partition requirements to retrieve data on a sector-by-sector basis.
Issues Addressed: Data from drives with file system errors can be recovered through a system that recovers each file separately.

Level Four:

Task Conducted: Drive is placed into a specialized data recovery system to potentially eliminate hardware or firmware issues which prevented data recovery by previous attempts.
Issues Addressed: By eliminating hardware or firmware issues which prevent data recovery, we can recover more files, with better file integrity. The system we use at this level is the only known system that can address these issues.

Level Five (Clean Room):

Task Conducted: As a last resort, the drive is disassembled in a dust- and static-free Clean Room. The “platters” containing the data are moved from the bad drive to a compatible “Donor Drive”, which is sent back to Level Four.
Issues Addressed: Extensive physical damage is bypassed through platter transplant to a functioning drive. This approach eliminates defective critical hardware components which may have prevented all previous attempts.

Pricing and Turnaround:

Please visit our shop for a free diagnosis. The cost will be based on an evaluation of the recoverability level of the device. Rush service is also available. No Recovery? No Payment. No Risk.

Hard Drive Types We Support:

  • Desktop Drives
  • Laptop Hard Drives
  • External Hard Drives
  • Solid State Drives
  • Memory / Media Cards (SD, MMC, CF, XD, etc)
  • Raid Hard Drives*
  • SCSI Hard Drives*
  • NAS Hard Drives*

*Additional charges may apply for complex data recovery. Call for details.


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