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DVR Surveillance Systems in Hawaii

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H Power Computing doesn’t just offer custom computers, repairs and data recovery, but we can also help you protect the people and place you love the most with a DVR surveillance system. Whether you’re hoping to protect your home, office or government building, we can build a custom DVR surveillance system in Honolulu Hawaii that meets your needs and your budget.

But first, you may be wondering what is DVR surveillance? This type of security system typically uses hidden cameras and DVR technology to record and playback security footage around your home or business. Like your entertainment DVR, you can record, pause and rewind video as well as store it on a small device that can hold hundreds of hours of security footage.

At H Power Computing, we can custom build DVR systems in Honolulu, Hawaii. At our initial visit, we provide a free consultation, and it’s here that we learn your security system needs and budget. From there, we will build a system that performs motion detection recording, remote monitoring from any location with pan/tilt/zoom camera controls, DVD quality video, high frame rate/resolution, and RAID (Raid Array of Independent Disks) hard drive configurations.

When we say that we build a custom system for you, that doesn’t just mean we place hidden cameras where you ask. Rather, we offer a variety of cameras to help tailor your DVR surveillance system. You have the ability to customize your system with day/night, Internet Protocol (IP), High Dynamic Range (HDR) and infrared night vision cameras. We also offer high-tech cameras that are wireless or outdoor, waterproof and bulletproof cameras. All of our DVR surveillance system cameras feature low power consumption.

In addition to customization of DVR surveillance at H Power Computing, we provide a three year warranty as well as tech support and training on your new system. If you’re just looking for a temporary security system, we can provide that too! We have leasing and renting options for our DVR surveillance systems, cameras and mobile units.

Whether you’re at home, the office or out on the road, you can rest knowing that the people and place you care for the most are protected by a custom DVR surveillance system from H Power Computing. We provide these services all over the state and are willing to meet with you at your convenience to talk about your home, office or government security needs.

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