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iSpot Review and Hacking

I’ve been reading the reviews on the Clear iSpot and they’re very positive.  Each reviewer seems to get the idea: unlimited, super-fast 4G on a 3G device for a lot less and a lot slower than the much maligned AT&T provides.  The device works as promised and is easy to use.

Here’s a snippet from Engadget Mobile:

If you’ve got nothing but Apple devices in your gadget stable –… an iPhone, and an iPad, for example — you’ve got a need for data on the go, and you spend most or all of your time in a 4G city, the iSpot is an absolute no-brainer at $25 a month with no contract. That’s just too cheap to pass up. – Chris Ziegler, via Engadget.com

Now we must have the discussion on hacking.  As with any cellular handset, the iSpot has parameters that are locked within the device and some savvy folks have the ability to unlock the iSpot to work with any Wi-Fi device.  Do not condone, suggest, direct, discuss or personally (or someone in your employ) hack/root/jalbreak any Clear device.  I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Visit Clear’s iSpot product page to learn more.

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