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Level 1

Task Conducted: Drive is scanned sector-by-sector and read errors are repaired. Attempts are made to “mount” the drive to be usable by either Windows/Mac OS.

Issues Addressed: If there are issues when the Operating System attempts to mount the connected drive, Windows or Mac OS will opt to not use the drive, leading to the drive appearing unrecognized.

Timeline: 1-3 calendar days

Level 2

Task Conducted: Drive is placed into specialized Linux system for forensic data recovery to bypass Windows/ Mac OS read errors.

Issues Addressed: Windows or Mac OS may not recognize the drive due to issues relating to the file structure of the drive. Our software bypasses traditional file system structure requirements to recover the data.

Timeline: 1-2 calendar days

Level 3

Task Conducted: Drive is placed into a specialized data recovery system designed to ignore partition requirements to retrieve data on a sector-by-sector basis.

Issues Addressed: Data from drives with file system errors can be recovered through a system that recovers each file separately.

Timeline: 5-20 calendar days

Level 4

Task Conducted: Drive is placed into a specialized data recovery system to potenitally eliminate hardware or firmware issues which prevented data recovery by previous attempts.

Issues Addressed: By eliminating hardware or firmware issues which prevent data recovery, we can recover more files, with better file integrity. The system we use at this level is the only known system that can address these issues.

Timeline: 5-24 calendar days

Level 5

Task Conducted: As a last resort, drive is disassembled in a dust- and static-free Clean Room. The “platters” containing the data are moved from the bad drive to a compatible “Donor Drive”, which is sent back to Level Four.

Issues Addressed:Extensive physical damage is bypassed through platter transplant to a functioning drive. This approach eliminates defective critical hardware components which may have prevented all previous attempts.

Timeline: 5-3-5 calendar days PLUS 10 – 20 days for “Donor Drive” shipping

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