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Network Attached Storage Systems: A Business Solution for Retaining Your Customer Base

The speed at which a company representative can access information can have a significant affect on consumers perception of a business. The time taken to retrieve and review necessary information may be minutes – or even seconds as customers wait for answers to their queries, and formulate opinions about your service levels. Aside from employees […]


Data Recovery: Giving Your Failing Hard Drive a 2nd Chance

Whether you’ve experienced it from a personal or business level, having hard drive failure on your computer can be devastating. Work lost, photos deleted, program applications inaccessible – all legitimate reasons for anxiety and frustration. The good news is, at H Power Computing with our data recovery service, we may be able to give that […]

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Bloatware: What it is, and Why You Should Avoid It

Bloatware is a term that refers to software that takes up a considerable amount of disk space, may offer a lot of features, however, it may be somewhat useless to the user. It exists for several reasons. Let’s consider these reasons, and why this would lead us to the conclusion that you should avoid bloatware […]

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