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Celebrating 24 Years!

Three Ways To Get The Computer Support You Need

Many of us depend on our computers for personal or business use, and can relate to having a machine that is not operating well, or in some cases, completely failing to function. This situation can inconvenient us greatly, and possible even cost us profit to our business from loss of sales during down time. Diagnosis […]

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4 Tips For Making Our Email Management More Productive

We have all found ourselves spending an hour, quite often longer, doing the following email related tasks: checking emails, deleting junk, storing messages to the correct folders, responding to important messages and ‘unsubscribing’ to lists we don’t remember signing up to in the first place. Within these tasks, there are a lot of redundant processes […]

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How to Prevent Minor and Major PC Repair Issues

At H Power Computing, we see a lot of preventable PC repair issues. In general, the most common problems arise from hardware, memory, viruses, and malware that disrupt your system’s normal functioning. Viruses and malware programs can cause problems with internet connectivity, speed, program execution, and more. While not all PC issues are related to […]

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